100+ Interesting Facts About The Villages FL

May 22nd, 2012

Well over 100 Interesting Facts about The Villages FL

The Villages is an amazing active adult community located just North of Orlando in Central Florida.   We originally compiled our list last year and it was such a success that we have updated it with new information for 2012.  I am sure there are plenty of additional facts that can be added to the list and we certainly invite you to add your comments with additional interesting information.  We hope you enjoy this information as much as we enjoyed learning about them and creating the list!
1)The Villages FL population passed 86,000 in 2011 with the total population projected to be 110,000 by 2015
2)At least 80% of homes must be occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older
3)Persons under the age of 19 years are not permitted to reside within The Villages but may visit for a maximum of 30 days per year unless an exemption is granted
4)Three Villages subdivisions are designated as “family units” and are not subject to the under-19 restriction.
5)2011 was the worst year for new home sales in the nation (302,000) over the last 50 years, and The Villages sold almost 1% of all the new homes in the entire country. 
6)One real estate journal reported that The Villages sold about 2.5 times more homes than the second largest development in the United States in 2011. 
7)Forbes Magazine named The Villages FL as the fastest growing town (under 100,000) in the United States from 2007 to 2010, about 25% more than second fastest Pecos, Texas, and far ahead of the rest in the top 25 fastest. 
8)There are about 43,950 homes occupied in The Villages as of January 1st  2012. The current projected total number of home sites available at build out is 56,268.
9)New home sales in The Villages Fl continue to average approximately 200-250 per month
10)Pre-owned home sales in The Villages are currently averaging 100 per month 
11)When The Villages opened up home sales South of CR 466A – 55 homes sold in 1st eight days
12)Villages range in size from 100 homes to 1550 homes 
13)The Village of Duval is the largest with 1550 homes

 14)As of the 1st quarter of 2012 three Villages South of CR 466A were already occupied

15)The Villages property area covers over 32 square miles
16)There are over 90 miles of golf cart paths
17)The Villages occupies parts of 3 counties in Florida (Lake, Sumter & Marion)
18)The population of the Villages grows by approximately 4,500 annually
19)Currently there are 2 town squares (Lake Sumter Landing & Spanish Springs) with the 3rd town square under construction (Brownwood).   The first phase of Brownwood should be completed by Fall of this year. 
20)There are 10 commercial areas (Lake Sumter Landing, Spanish Springs, La Plaza Grande, Buffalo Ridge, Colony Plaza, Southern Trace, Spanish Plaines, Mulberry Grove, Brownwood Paddock Square (Coming Soon – 2012), Antrim Dells (will be next to Brownwood Square and will be a 500,000 sq ft power center)
21)Commercial property at the Villages FL averages a 97% occupancy rate
22)The Villages is planned to be home to 2.7 million square feet of commercial buildings and retail tenants.
23)Approximately 150,000 people travel through the The Villages each day along it’s busiest corridor US441/27
24)98% of Villagers recommend The Villages to their friends & family
25)There are over 1900 organized clubs in The Villages
26)As of May 2012 there are two new Village Recreation Centers (Captiva and Bradenton) and five Neighborhood Recreation Centers (Pinellas, Gilchrist, Fernandina, Charlotte and Sanchez), bringing the total number of recreation centers in The Villages to 63.
27)There are eight new villages south of CR466A (Pinellas, Pinellas at Cedar Grove, Pinellas at Evans Prairie, Gilchrist, Fernandina Fernandina at MacClenny, Sanibel and Charlotte) bringing to total number of villages in The Villages FL to 78.
28)The Villages has more holes of golf than any other community (facility) in the world with 504 and adding another 36 within a year (Mission Hills in China is second with 216 holes).
29)At build out there will be 621 holes of golf in The Villages Fl
30)South of CR466A there are two new country clubs (Bonifay and Evans Prairie) and one new executive golf course (Palmetto) totaling 11 country clubs and 30 executive course.  
31)By final build out The Villages will operate 12 country-club championship courses 
32)Cane Gardens’ Allamanda/Jacaranda (3606/3583 yards) from the back tees is nine yards longer than Palmer Legends’ Cherry Hill/Laurel Valley(3541/3639 yards)
33)There are about 10,000 tee times available each day in The Villages
34)In 2011 a total of 55,663 Villagers played one or more rounds of golf for a total of 2,546,611 rounds of golf.  The approximate miles driven in golf carts for this many rounds of golf on The Villages golf courses total 6,330,365 miles.  That’s a distance equivalent to driving around the world at the Equator 254 times.
35)717,271 rounds of golf were played on the Championship courses in The Villages 
36)1,829,340 rounds of golf were played on the Executive Golf Courses in The Villages.
37)There were 1832 holes in one recorded in The Villages in 2011 (compared to 1630 in 2010).  That’s 5 holes in one recorded every day of the year in 2011.
38)316 Villagers shot their age or better in 2011 a total of 1,500 times.  
39)John Irelan of the Village of Alhambra again carded the most age breaking rounds at 89 times.
40)There were 2 double eagle recorded in 2011.  In 2010 there was only one double eagle.
41)Statistically, there were 5,810,493 golf balls lost in The Villages last year.
42)Villages Fl “Tee-to-green” totals 84 miles of golf – a distance that extends from the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast of Florida, in a straight line through The Villages, and beyond the east coast into the Atlantic Ocean.
43)About one-third of Villages residents are regular golfers
44)Playing 36 holes per day, a Villager could play 14 straight days of golf in The Villages without repeating a hole.
45)Golf cars are the vehicle of choice in The Villages
46)There are over 50,000 golf carts in The Villages
47)The Villages Golf Cars has three showrooms in The Villages and they combine to sell more Yamaha’s than any other dealer in the United States.
48)Currently Villages Golf Cars sales of gas powered golf cars is approximately 90% of total sales. The increase in gas powered golf cars is attributed to the new fuel injection systems along with the high range of about 250 miles per tank.  
49) 315 Holes of golf in The Villages have Received Audubon International’s Silver Certified Sanctuary Designation At The Villages (read about it on Florida Golf Magazine’s website)
50)The CBS Sunday Morning segment of May 2011 featured a video segment on The Villages Golf Carts and it continues to make the rounds on YouTube with over 3.6 million views as of May 2012. 
51)Villagers play 5200 softball games each year
52)There are currently 133 men’s softball teams, 15 ladies teams, and 68 co-ed teams competing in 17 leagues over three seasons. 
53)The Villages has 216 softball teams (2,592 players) playing 164 games per week and approximately 2,296 games for the Winter season which is the busiest.
54)Softball totals for the past year are 555 teams (6,660 players) playing approximately 5,572 total games over 3 seasons. 
55)The two largest recreation events in The Villages each year are Camp Villages with over 7000 Villagers and grandchildren participating (watch for information this month about events starting this summer), and the Senior Games, just completed, where Villagers competed in multiple events in sixteen different sports ranging from Bocce to Basketball, Archery to Volleyball.
56) 1417 athletes participated in one or more events in this year’s Senior Games in The Villages, totaling 2,796 entries in all 16 sports.
57) 157 athletes (11%) of the athletes participated in more than five events in this year’s Senior Games in The Villages.
58)The sport with the most participants in this year’s Senior Games was pickleball with 433 athletes, edging out the second place sport which was swimming with 426 athletes.
59)Six Senior Games sports do not involve a ball – archery, badminton, horseshoes, shuffleboard, swimming, and track (excluding field events).
60)The Villages has more than 100 tennis courts
61)There are over 100 pickleball courts in The Villages
62)There are 4 water towers in The Villages
63)There are 1105 miles of water mains, 5427 miles of fresh water mains, 450 miles of waste water mains and 228 miles of irrigation water mains in The Villages as of 2011
64)There are 7645 manholes in The Villages as of 2011
65)The Villages population is larger than 93.4% of the municipalities in Florida (28th largest of 411)
66)At build-out the population of The Villages will make it the 14th largest municipality in Florida
67)The Villages population is larger than 31 of the 67 counties in Florida
68)There are 3 dog parks in The Villages (Paradise, Mulberry, & Brinson-Perry)
69)Homes prices range from $100,000 to over 1 million dollars
70)The Villages hospital started 8 years ago with 60 beds and now there are over 200 beds in The Villages Health System
71)The Villages is home to a 99,000 square foot VA Outpatient Clinic
72)The Villages hospital has a comprehensive stand-alone cancer center  - The Moffitt Cancer Center 
73)The Villages has partnered with USF Health (University of South Florida). The USF Health and The Villages partnership has brought free screenings and a lecture series to thousands of Villagers on critical medical issues and initiated The Villages Health Survey, which is about to become the world’s definitive study on mature adults. www.thevillageshealth.com (The University of South Florida is the ninth largest university in the US and its medical university has the largest distributed residency program in the nation.)
74)There are seven major grocery stores
75)The Villages has over 100 dining choices (not including the country clubs)
76)In 2011 year The Villages added $30 million dollars to the Sumter County tax base
77)The majority of The Villages is developed and maintained using several Community Development Districts
78)Around 225 communities in Florida currently use this form of government
79)The Villages currently operates 12 CDD’s
80)Ten of the 12 CDD’s cover the various areas of The Villages where residents own homes, and provide and maintain the roads and transportation paths, storm water systems and structures, underground utilities, curbs and gutters, and street lights.
81)The remaining two CDD’s are: Village Center Community Development District -(VCCDD) & Sumter Landing Community Development District
82)The Villages Community Development Districts 2011-2012 adopted budgets totaled $197,680,545 for 46 funds.  The budget preparation process starts 8 months before the actual fiscal year begins.
83)The Villages Community Districts employ 876 employees of which 715 are Villages residents. 
84)The Villages is the safest single site development in the country with the lowest crime rate
85)The Villages Community watch is comprised of 6 full time and 294 part time employees.  According to the Community Watch it’s employees patrol 80,000 miles of neighborhood streets each month while averaging more than 3.5 passes by everyone’s home every 24 hrs.    In 2011 employees performed more than 209,000 security activities or actions during the year.    We owe our low crime rate to the efforts of the Community Watch.
86)There are also two homeowners associations in The Villages: The Property Owners Association (POA) and The Villages Homeowners Association (VHA).
87)The Villages Homeowners Association is the larger association with membership totaling nearly 25,000 members
88)The Villages Homeowners Association (VHA) turned 21 years old in 2012.  One of the first projects of the VHA was working on a petition drive requesting approval for construction of a golf cart bridge over the 27/441 highway. 
89)The Villages has it’s own Polo stadium and Polo leagues
90)The Villages polo club has the largest polo crowds in the U.S. with over 30,000 spectators a year.
91)The Villages has it’s own radio station WVLG 640AM
92)The Villages also has it’s own television channel “The Villages News Network” (VNN), which is aired on the local Comcast cable network. 
93)The Daily Sun is The Villages newspaper  
94)The Villages Daily Sun announced that they will be delivering The Official 2013 Villages Phone Book to the doorstep of 101,000 area residents, including 84,000 Villagers in November 2012.
95)The Villages has their own magazine “The Villages Magazine”
96)There are over  12,000 people who work in The Villages, or for businesses in the community
97)The Villages Fl has it’s own Charter School for employees that allows a student to attend from Pre-k3 thru High School
98 ) 93% of students at The Villages Charter School advance to higher education
99)The Villages Charter School is an A rated High School with 99% of students graduating
100)The Villages Charter School has over 2100 students per year and it’s growing fast with a new Early Childhood Center constructed in 2011
101)The Villages Charter School has been an A rated High School for the last 5 years
102) The Villages Charter School is ranked 9th in the State of Florida
103) 90% of The Villages High School senior class will go to college
104) The Villages operates it’s own Lifelong Learning College for residents
105)The Villages Lifelong Learning College has 2000 total courses per year
106)The Lifelong Learning College has on average 500 courses each semester
107)The Lifelong Learning College has about 18,000 residents attending around 25,000 sessions each year.
108)Each year The Villages mails surveys to residents to obtain recommendations for improvements
109)The Villages has six fire stations with the seventh fire station currently under construction in the Brownwood area
110)The Villages Public Safety Department has 83 employees, about 70% are trained medics and 30% are trained EMT’s.  
111) 10,230 calls were made by the Public Safety Department in The Villages last year –  about 1% were for fires (flames), 10% were service calls, 9% were false alarms, and 80% were medical/rescue calls.
112)Falls involving injury account for about 20% of the rescue calls made by the Villages Public Safety Department many are preventable.  An excellent brochure on preventing falls is available by the PSD on the District Government website.
113)The survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest in The Villages Fl last year was 44% – about 7 times the national average of only 6%.  Contributing to this high survival rate are the many Villagers taking CPR training – over 2000 last year and over 7000 in the last five years; and neighborhood CPR/AED Programs – currently 44 with 8 more in training.
114) There are 1,915 residential streets North of CR466A in The Villages Fl
115)  Folks who sold their homes in The Villages in 2011 averaged a 2.1% return on investment, whereas the national average was more like a negative 20%
Sources of information are: The Villages Homeowners Association (VHA website), Wikipedia, Villages Commercial Property Management Website , Villages Community Development Districts website.  Information as of May 2012.

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